AV Installation, Maintenance, and Services for Social Security Administration


Did you know you are entitled to a new Social Security number (SSN) if the reason is deemed sufficient by the Social Security Administration (SSA)?  The source of the change must be something much more serious than “the middle two digits are the same as the uniform number of the quarterback for my most hated football team” and the multi-step process to make the change can be fairly cumbersome; so if you’re down on your luck and thinking a new SSN might give you the mojo you need, it’s not that simple.

Fortunately, the processes and mechanisms for communication for SSA’s Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) are much more straightforward.  In September, NCC was awarded a contract with SSA ODAR for replacement, upgrades, repairs, and new installation for its AV System; making communication as seamless as ever for the agency.  The existing equipment in these facilities are out of date, in danger of failing, and are no longer supported by the original manufacturer.  ODAR’s facilities will be upgraded to ensure continuous operation and to add functionality to display and route high definition (HD) video throughout the system.  NCC will install and integrate new AV equipment with the current architecture and provide maintenance on the finished system.

This contract covers systems within ODAR’s Falls Church, VA and Crystal City, VA facilities.  Fifteen conference and training rooms in in both locations will be upgraded to ensure continued operations and reliability.  The Annex Building, also in Falls Church, currently houses a central control room supporting a divisible multi-purpose room, a training room, two video teleconference rooms, and a learning center.  In the Annex Building, a newly-created control system will be designed and integrated to allow SSA staff to monitor, activate, and troubleshoot equipment, and to allow video content to be routed to and from the connected rooms in both of the Falls Church locations.

After completion of integration, NCC will provide end user training and four years of maintenance and repair service for the systems to minimize downtime and ensure high system availability.

Our new contract with SSA expands on the extensive support we have provided this longstanding agency.  Since 2011, we have produced verbatim transcriptions of record for administrative hearings, and in 2014 we were awarded a contract for video teleconferencing support for SSA’s 2,000-plus hearing locations throughout the U.S. and its territories.

Based on our reliable past performance, experienced and knowledgeable personnel, and state-of-the-art technology, we are honored that SSA ODAR has again trusted NCC with ensuring an outstanding customer experience by making communication and collaboration happen® for its staff in its Falls Church and Crystal City locations.