AV Maintenance and Support for the OCC

3D Meeting room

As the 2016 election season has officially kicked off, hot-button issues are being discussed all across the 24-hour news channels, talk radio, social media, and in workplaces throughout the country.  One issue that receives tremendous attention in every election cycle is the economy, which we hear about in debates and many of the stump speeches given by each of the candidates.  The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) is tasked with overseeing numerous aspects of the financial sector including and as an independent body of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the OCC’s role is to ensure that national banks and federal savings associations are operating soundly and fairly.

Since 2011, NCC has played its part in OCC’s smooth operation by reliably providing the organization with a range of conference center and AV support.  Recently our OCC maintenance and support contract expanded to include three new Continuing Education (CE) spaces in Dallas, Chicago, and Washington, DC, to make a total of eight training and conference rooms.  The support of these training and conference rooms builds on the original contract which included over 100 rooms at the Constitution Center.  NCC coordinates events, remedies AV issues, and conducts quarterly preventative maintenance for all of these rooms.

Within these Learning Centers, CE utilizes systems and equipment in conference spaces for the purposes of administrative, educational, and training functions.  The Washington Learning Center has the largest spaces, consisting of three significant conference rooms (up to 50 participants), a smaller conference room (for up to 20 participants), a computer lab, and five breakout rooms, all of which accommodate an average of 25 meetings per week.

In addition to service calls and preventative maintenance at these Learning Centers, we’ve responded swiftly to specific needs like shipping a replacement bulb for a projector in Chicago; swapping a bulb at the Washington Learning Center during their lunch break; and installing a new projector, new over-the-ear microphones, and five portable projectors for the Chicago Learning Center.

NCC is honored to expand our AV contract with OCC, and we’re glad to be making communication and collaboration happen® in numerous OCC Continuing Education spaces throughout the country.