Captioning Support for ADA 25th Anniversary Events

ADA 25th Anniversary

July 26th marks the 25-year anniversary of President George H.W. Bush signing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) into law, subsequently providing comprehensive civil rights protections to individuals with disabilities.  Thanks to the ADA, those with disabilities have had enjoyed greater opportunities in employment, services, public accommodations, and transportation.  It also ensures fully functional telecommunication services for those with disabilities, which is at the core of NCC’s mission.

Real-time captioning is one of several Language & Text Solutions NCC provides; and we were honored to do our part in celebrating the ADA’s 25th Anniversary by performing live captioning support for events for numerous government organizations over the course of the week.  One of the events was the Department of Labor’s ADA 25th Anniversary Celebration on July 21st, which can be viewed on the DOL’s YouTube channel.  The event featured a panel discussion including DOL Secretary Thomas Perez, Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, and Delaware Governor Jack Markell, who shared their thoughts on the history and future of the ADA.

NCC has been dedicated to supporting people with disabilities since our inception in 2002, when we were National Capitol Captioning, providing real-time captioning services to NIH.  Since that time, we have provided real-time captioning and Computer Assisted Real-time Translation (CART) for hundreds of events including Screen on the Green on the National Mall, the Congressional Medal of Honor Ceremony, and other conferences, seminars, and broadcast events, allowing all attendees to fully participate.  Also, we provide open- and closed-captioning for digital media including DVDs and numerous video formats.  In addition to extensive captioning services, our Unified Communications and AudioVisual Solutions include conference room design and integration that feature ADA-compliant cabling to ensure maximum safety.

We are proud to play a role in ensuring that all Americans are benefiting from the ADA, and we were glad to do our part in making the federal government’s ADA 25th Anniversary celebrations successful while making communication and collaboration happen®.