Captioning Support for Seniors Decide 2016

Seniors Decide Bernie Sanders

“One of the disappointments in the campaign, for whatever reason, is that issues pertaining to seniors are not getting the attention they should,” said Democratic presidential candidate Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on February 17th at Seniors Decide 2016, an event designed to give U.S. presidential candidates an opportunity to share their views on policies and programs affecting older Americans.

Historically, in U.S. general elections, the highest voter turnout among any age demographic is people 60 years of age and older.  Yet, the issues that face seniors such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and long-term caregiving are not always highlighted in debates, town halls, or the media’s coverage of elections.  Regardless of your political views, with a generation the size of the Baby Boomers moving into retirement, the concerns of senior citizens require more national attention.

NCC was honored to play its part in this significant event by providing remote captioning for the streaming webcast of Seniors Decide 2016.  Our expert captioner tested the captioning equipment with the client both the weekend prior and the morning of Seniors Decide to ensure that the client’s expectations were fully met.

The event, which was developed by the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations, took place at George Mason University’s Arlington campus and was viewed live throughout the country, including by viewers at 202 watch parties in 141 cities in all 50 states.  The archived webcast is now available on the Seniors Decide website.

Senator Sanders appeared via video at the event to share his stance on a variety of issues affecting seniors and also answered questions from the live audience and questions submitted by those watching the webcast.  Virginia Congressman Tom Davis appeared in person, representing Republican candidate Governor John Kasich of Ohio.

We were pleased to play our role in the election process by accommodating all Seniors Decide viewers with captioning for the entire two-hour event which focused on vital issues confronting seniors today.

Whoever wins the presidency in 2016 will strive to deliver on the promises of a bright future in America, just as NCC is steadfast in our mission to deliver a GOOD future to our customers and community partners.