CEO off the Cuff: DC Diaper Bank

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My son, Alex is now officially potty trained!  I figured I would celebrate the occasion by reminding everyone of the great work DC Diaper Bank, a charity NCC supports, is doing for our community. This week I’ll be dropping off all our extra diapers at a local pickup location just a few blocks from my house.  Make sure to check out DC Diaper Bank and support them if you can: DC Diaper Bank





DC Diaper Bank By The Numbers

  • 40 nonprofit partners agencies in DC, MD and VA
  • Each month we serve 4,000 families and distribute 175,000+ diapers along with thousands of pounds of formula, baby food, hygiene supplies, and toiletries
  • Total Diapers Donated: 4.6 million
  • 1000+ volunteers
  • 7,038 hours worth of warehouse volunteer sessions

Chris Marquez, NCC President and CEO

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