CEO Off the Cuff: Our New Offices

NCC Office Building

In March we passed our ISO:9001 audit (yay!) with flying colors.  When I sat in for the final debriefing, our auditor said, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but these new offices are A LOT (emphasis his!) better than the offices that you were in before.  You look like you’re a real business.”  I didn’t take it the wrong way, and what he said has stuck with me as a point of pride.  NCC started in the basement of my home, moved to the top floor of an antique shop, and relocated to an old building in Arlington, before we finally upgraded to beautiful new offices in Tysons.  The lesson was clear: sacrificing early on helps lead to success in the end!

Thanks to everyone for helping us pass the ISO audit and for helping with the move to Tysons!

Chris Marquez, NCC President and CEO

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