Election Season at NCC


Every four years in America, the country divides itself into red and blue, and each side does its level best to convince the country that this is the most important election in all of history, at least until there’s another one.  While this vigorous debate we call a presidential campaign can continue for months and even years, when all is said and done the government is still responsible for fulfilling its ongoing mission to provide services to millions of Americans from all walks of life.  As a company that provides support to a significant number of government organizations, NCC is dedicated to helping facilitate the delivery of these government services, regardless of whoever the Chief Executive may be.  From captioning to conference center management, we want to ensure that government is accessible and functional for all of its constituents.

For the American government to function, the President must work with the U.S. Congress, the legislative branch of our federal leadership.   With the hope of educating the American people on Congressional operations,  the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, an NCC client, presented “The Culture of Congress” in April.  This series of talks, for which our Multimedia Solutions team provided verbatim transcripts, were led by Wilson Center senior scholar Don Wolfensberger and  included a recent presentation on the influence of leadership on partisanship.  Discussions focused on the underlying causes of this partisan deadlock and what, if anything, can be done about it.

Other presentations during the series consisted of panels of former members of Congress and scholars who focus on the legislative body.  There were many opinions of whom and what the causes of partisanship were, as well as some more light-hearted but serious suggestions on how fundamental issues within Congress can be fixed.  One of the people recommending that Congress get into a collaborative mode was Trent Lott, the man behind the “Singing Senators,” an example of out-of-work-hours congeniality.  At NCC, we always  learn from our work, and it is in this spirit that we have coordinated internal cross-disciplinary events such as our book club and recent costume contest (no barbershop quartets…yet!).

So no matter which side ends up celebrating electoral victory on November 7th, we here at NCC will remain ready and eager to to continue facilitating the operation of a just and functional government.