Farewell to Adam Siggers

While we prepare ourselves to say goodbye to summer, NCC will bid one employee farewell as he leaves NCC for the city of perennial sunshine.  On August 31, Adam Siggers, NCC’s esteemed Client Manager for almost three years, will depart for San Diego, California.

With a degree in Mass Communication, Adam worked for two years as a Post Production Coordinator at National Geographic Television before joining NCC.  In addition to his expertise in the media industry, he brought with him a passion for both technology and people, which served him well in establishing the substantial relationships we have with many clients today.

Adam had his work cut out for him as NCC’s first ever Client Services Manager.  He proved his flexibility and adaptability on October 28, 2008 his second official day with NCC, when he was asked report to the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia to assist with setting up captioning equipment for the graduation ceremony.  The requests for quotes and support continued to increase from that point, and thanks to Adam’s prompt responses, many of those resulted in new projects and new contract awards. Adam can recall more than a few moments which required split-second action and problem solving in order to meet deadlines.  His quick thinking and incisive decision-making skills generated opportunities for NCC to shine, and opened the door for the company to expand our client support with the addition of a second Client Service Manager in early 2010.  Since that time, Adam has focused on the transcription and post-production services of the Closed Captioning, Transcription, and Post-Production division.

Adam earned the trust and respect of our clients by demonstrating his eagerness to understand the specific needs of each and collaborating with them to customize the best solution, rather than offering a single established product.  He was able to translate the sometimes nebulous needs of our clients into concrete projects and oversaw many of them from initiation to completion.  As our clients’ primary point of contact, he was responsible for communicating essential details to critical staff.  Although he made the implementation of services at every level within NCC’s daily operations seem effortless, his contributions were noted by his coworkers, who consistently gave him high accolades for his dedication and his passion.

Adam approached every task, from the simple act of following up with a client after successful completion of a transcript to the complex  coordination of post production support for a four day logistics exercise, with the same sanguine attitude, proclaiming, “It’s fun!”

According to Adam, the best kind of job in this field is “one where you can gain momentum and experience in the industry, but also feel secure in a people-minded environment.”   We are privileged that he found that to be true with us for the last three years, and are confident that he will soon be making significant contributions to a new company.  NCC appreciates the strong foundation of quality and commitment Adam created for our current and future clients and for our Client Managers.  We know that he will be successful in his future endeavors and wish him the best of luck as he embarks on his new life on the West Coast.