Happy President’s Day from NCC

George Washington

NCC’s Arlington, VA headquarters sits just five files from the White House.  We could practically shout “Happy President’s Day” to President Obama from our office window, but instead we’ll save our voices and wish all of our customers, industry and community partners a Happy President’s Day on February 15th.

Had NCC existed before our inception in 2002, we would have been capable of transcribing Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, providing video production for John F. Kennedy’s famous inauguration speech, or captioning one of Al Gore and George W. Bush’s presidential debates; but as a relatively young and growing company, there is still time for us to reach such heights.

NCC has been privileged to be involved in several presidential and patriotic events through the years.  Four years ago, several NCC employees were fortunate to attend one preeminent event: the 57th Presidential Inauguration, where President Obama officially began his second term.

Furthermore, since 2012, we’ve sponsored a therapy dog named Grant (as in President Ulysses S. Grant) through Hero Dogs, Inc., a local non-profit organization that raises, trains, and places service dogs with disabled veterans.  Grant happens to be celebrating his 4th birthday just two days after President’s Day, on February 17th.  We’ve also sponsored Hero Dogs’ therapy dog Calvin (named after the youngest WWI serviceman Calvin Graham, not former President Calvin Coolidge) since 2013.

In addition, we’ve provided a wide range of support for patriotic events like Medal of Honor Ceremonies, the Army’s 239th Birthday Ball, the Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Memorial Service, and the Pentagon’s Spirit of Service Ceremony.

Also, we’d be remiss if we didn’t wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!  There may not be a lot of love in presidential politics these days, but hopefully the only arrow-slinging we’ll hear about on Sunday will come from Cupid.  Enjoy the weekend!