Language & Text Solutions for the National Park Service

National Park Service - Grand Canyon

Next year, the National Park Service (NPS) turns 100 years old, celebrating a century of preserving land, rivers, seashores, and historical sites and monuments across the United States.  NCC is proud to announce a new contract with the NPS to capture part of the Service’s significant history by providing language and text solutions in the form of transcription, media digitization, translation, and captioning support.

Our primary responsibilities will be to provide verbatim transcription and archiving of oral history interviews in a variety of multimedia formats from the vaults of NPS, some of which dates back to the 1950s.  A selection of this material is currently on reel-to-reel tape, which we will convert to digital before transcribing, doing our part in preserving the NPS’s rich history.  Our knowledgeable and experienced Production Team will ensure that the NPS will have accurate transcripts and high-quality audio and video of its oral history interviews available for research and reference purposes.

We have been privileged to support to NPS in the past, providing transcription services of oral histories on an as-needed basis.

Since 1916, the NPS has maintained and protected more than 400 places covering over 84 million acres across the United States.  The NPS employs nearly 22,000 people and attracts more than 275 million visitors every year.

We are thrilled to expand our relationship with the NPS and play an important role in the preservation of this treasured organization’s storied past, making communication and collaboration happen.®