Language & Text Support for Alan Alda and Roger Rosenblatt Discussion at NIH

Alan Alda

Most of us probably don’t know why it is that we yawn when we first get out of bed, or how we digest the sandwich we ate for lunch, or what goes into the very act of breathing.  Science provides the answers, but for those of us who don’t spend our days doing research in the lab or in the field, this area of study can be difficult to understand and fully appreciate.  In 2009, Emmy award-winning actor Alan Alda set out to create a broader understanding of science by inspiring the launch of the Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University.  The Center aims to help scientists communicate more effectively with the public including policymakers, students, and the media.

On May 21st, Alda joined author and essayist of Time magazine fame, Roger Rosenblatt, at NIH’s Masur Auditorium for the NIMH Director’s Innovation Speaker Series.  The discussion, titled “Arts and Science: Two Old Friends Talk About Their Lives and Works,” detailed the significance of communication and the power of words, specifically in the scientific realm.  Keeping in the spirit of good communication, NCC had the privilege of providing Language & Text support, in the form of real-time captioning, for this important event.  The discussion was streamed live with embedded captions for NIH personnel and will soon be available for archived viewing.

We have had the honor of performing real-time captioning for several high profile speeches, lectures, discussions, and press conferences for NIH including the Dalai Lama’s 2014 lecture, last month’s Autism Awareness Special Lecture, and Nina Pham’s (nurse who treated the first person in the U.S. with Ebola) press conference.  In addition, in 2013, we provided full webcasting support for Bill Gates’ lecture.

We are proud to continue making communication and collaboration happen® for NIH, as we facilitate making its webcasts accessible for a wider audience by providing accurate real-time captions for the agency’s array of noteworthy live events such as Alda and Rosenblatt’s intriguing discussion.