Multimedia & AV Support for HHS Broadcast Communications

television studio

The surgeon general and Elmo from Sesame Street recording a PSA for vaccinations.  A video on Ebola preparedness.  A visit from NFL Pro-Bowl quarterback Drew Brees.  Live streaming of a panel discussion of patient access and affordability of prescription drugs.  These are just some of the events being produced at the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Broadcast Communications Division.

NCC is thrilled to now play a role in the successful production of informative, critical, and entertaining content for the HHS Broadcast Communications Division, as we proudly announce a new contract to support its broadcast studio, video production, and live events.  We are honored to expand our range of services to HHS, a longstanding organization which we have supported for more than 10 years.

As part of this contract, we will perform day-to-day production and post-production operations.  These responsibilities include scheduling, coordinating, producing, recording, editing, and delivering professional quality services and products.  Additionally, we will provide post-production solutions such as recording, enhancing, archiving, and creating DVDs.

A second feature of our contract with HHS is video systems and audiovisual maintenance and upgrades at the Hubert H. Humphrey Building and other sites in D.C.  Our experienced team will set up, test, and prepare AV technology.

Furthermore, NCC will provide comprehensive IT support for video and AV operations.  We will perform technical and operational support to employ, preserve, and support IT infrastructure for video production, post-production, AV services, and business operations.

We are grateful that HHS has put its trust in NCC to continue reliably making communication and collaboration happen®.  We look forward to playing an important part in the seamless operation and superior quality production of HHS’ broadcast studio in the years to come.