Multimedia Production Support for HHS #CoverageMatters

#CoverageMatters - Darvin

This fall the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) took to social media to launch a campaign with the hashtag #CoverageMatters.  Hundreds of people have shared personal healthcare stories through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels using the #CoverageMatters hashtag.

As part of this campaign, HHS has also featured short videos on and YouTube detailing some of the stories of those who have benefited from the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Our HHS Broadcast Studio team was responsible for producing one of the #CoverageMatters videos, which tells the story of Darvin Bentlage, a fourth generation farmer from Missouri, who recently received health coverage through the ACA, despite his pre-existing condition of diabetes.

Our talented team at HHS produced the video, from the initial recording through the final edits, resulting in a professional final product which effectively conveys Darvin’s story.  We have had the honor of producing a diverse array of videos for HHS, including an animated short for Let’s Move! narrated by First Lady Michelle Obama and a series of videos for World Refugee Day

We are privileged to do our part in helping Darvin tell his story for the #CoverMatters campaign, and we are proud to continue enabling communication and collaboration for HHS.