Multimedia Production Support For NSF

NSF video production screenshot

If you type “National Science Foundation” (NSF) into the search bar in Google News, you’ll see a spectrum of articles including a study on the realities of eviction, the effects of El Nino on California’s shores, a supercomputer cluster at Penn State University, the development of tastier tomatoes, and several more that run the gamut of scientific research and discovery.

With an annual budget of about $7 billion, the NSF funds nearly a quarter of all federally supported basic research conducted by colleges and universities in the United States.  NCC has had the privilege to perform our scope of services and solutions for various NSF grants events, putting us front and center in the Foundation’s decision-making process in awarding grants for important scientific research projects.

In recent months, NCC has provided an array of Multimedia Production support for a variety of NSF events.  In January, we streamed a PAPPG (Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide) webinar on YouTube.  More than 1,300 viewers tuned in for the webcast and were able to ask questions for the Q-and-A portion of the event.  Also in January, we produced a marketing video for the NSF Grants Conference featuring interviews with attendees, and we shot a training video regarding updates to NSF’s Grant Policy Manual.  Several of the NSF webcasts we produced are now featured on the NSF Grants Conference Webcast Archive website.

NCC has proudly supported NSF since 2010, starting with conference center support, then expanding to on-site transcription for multi-day National Science Board meetings and select advisory committee meetings, and AV installation services.  Our comprehensive Live Event support includes the Fall 2016 Grants Conference, the previous three East Asia & Pacific Summer Institutes (EAPSI) Orientations, and numerous others.

We are grateful to expand the ways in which we are enabling communication and collaboration for NSF, and we look forward to providing a wide range of support in the years to come.