NCC attends and sponsors Chiefs vs. Chefs for Third Straight Year

Chiefs v Chefs

Iron Chef America made an appearance in Arlington earlier this month…in a manner of speaking.  On Wednesday, October 1st, the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) hosted its 3rd Annual Chiefs vs. Chefs event at the Clarendon Ballroom in Arlington, which for the first time featured live commentary and participant interviews akin to the popular Food Network show.  Like the first two years, NCC proudly served as a sponsor for the event and one NCC associate had the privilege of attending, along with more than 300 other guests.  All proceeds from the event went directly to benefit AFAC and the families it serves.

Six local star firehouse cooks faced off against five talented chefs from three popular Northern Virginia restaurants (“Water & Wall” and “Willow” in Arlington, and “Vermillion” in Alexandria) in an exciting palate-pleasing competition.  The teams matched up in a three-course (appetizer, soup/salad, entrée) battle utilizing only ingredients found in the AFAC pantry.

While the Chiefs and Chefs were hard at work in their quest to win the competition, guests were treated to a tasty mélange of appetizers including cheeses, breads, jams, chicken skewers, lemon-grass beef skewers, spring rolls, a French fry station, and lots of bacon.

The final result of Chiefs vs. Chefs was identical to the previous two competitions, with the Chefs coming away victorious by a narrow 2-to-1 margin.  The final winning dish was a rolled chicken ballotine with chicken mousse, tomato ragu with corn, sweet potato, and charred onion, prepared by William Morris and Peter Smith of Vermillion.  Upon winning the competition, the Chefs received the prestigious Golden Eggplant award.

NCC has been privileged to support AFAC for two-and-a-half years.  The generous organization assists more than 2,000 Arlington families per week, giving them a choice of a wide assortment of nutritious food items available at its food distribution center.

We have been honored to serve as a sponsor for all three Chiefs vs. Chefs events, and we’re privileged to support a respected local organization like AFAC.  We look forward to providing future monetary and volunteer support as we help to create a better experience for Arlington families in need.