NCC Attends Annual GWSRA Conference

On the weekend of October 22, two NCC associates attended the 2011 Greater Washington Shorthand Reporters Association (GWSRA) Annual Conference held at the Alexandria-Old Town Area Hampton Inn and Suites.  This two-day event is held each year for the benefit of GWSRA members and their affiliates, providing an opportunity for licensed reporters to earn CEU credits and for stenography students to gain invaluable insights. All participants heard presentations from a diverse speaker lineup, networked with one another and vendors such as NCC, and discussed the future of the shorthand reporting profession.

Among many top-notch speakers were prominent advocates for support services that allow deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to fully participate in the spoken world. Several individuals led hands-on workshops to help stenographers refine their writing skills, but their presentations also encouraged court reporters to expand their horizons beyond the courtroom to include real-time CART and captioning. As conference participants exited the meeting hall, our employees greeted them with smiles, candy, and NCC-branded materials in the vendor display area and proudly introduced them to LiveWrite, an NCC-developed, user-friendly Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) application.  This product piqued the interest of court reporters looking to transition into real-time reporting.  Requiring only an Internet connection and computer, NCC employees were able to demonstrate the outstanding value and practicality of LiveWrite’s capabilities.  To see the demo stream on your web browser, click here.

During the exhibition, over 100 participants were invited to connect with NCC employees and discuss our position openings and services.  We welcomed their questions and enthusiastically invited them to play a role in advocating for the inclusion and rights of all individuals.  By investing in the field of CART and captioning, reporters help make events like GWSRA accessible to all audience members.  Furthermore, these talented professionals are instrumental to our success as we assist our current and future government clients in meeting the requirements for Section 508 compliance.

NCC looks forward to participating in the 2012 GWSRA Conference.