NCC Celebrates Halloween and the Get Fit Challenge

Halloween 2012

While the Olympics took place in London, the Tour de France transpired over the French Alps, and the Major League Baseball season worked its way through summer here in the U.S., NCC took on an athletic endeavor of its own.  NCC’s Employee Engagement and Community Outreach (EECO) team organized the Get Fit Challenge, a company-wide initiative that ran from April through Labor Day.  Our goal was for NCC employees to collectively jog, walk, bike, or swim 5,000 miles.

Everyone had their own way of adding to the mileage total.  Some took the traditional route of a morning jog around the neighborhood or a Sunday stroll with the dog around Washington, D.C.  Some of us hiked the beautiful landscapes located just a few miles from downtown.  Others got fit by canoeing or biking.

Our headquarters office hosted a Friday Fitness Day in May , where employees arriving before business hours walked a trail that EECO mapped out, took a mid-morning break to walk down and back up the 10 flights of stairs to our office, and reminded one another to stay active.  The Get Fit Challenge was not limited to off-business hours: Associates attending events to perform on-site transcription-related duties hoofed from Metro and bus stops to their destinations, while the AVTS team walked the vast convention floor at InfoComm in Las Vegas in June.

Mileage was self-reported electronically and compiled by an automated system.  The EECO team reported company-wide progress on a monthly basis, keeping us all motivated to reach what seemed like a lofty goal when the challenge commenced.

It came down to the waning days of the challenge and a mighty effort to close out the summer, but NCC employees reached the goal.  Months after the Challenge was launched, we were all rewarded with a tasty prize on the day that epitomizes sweet treats: Halloween.

We celebrated our collective achievement on October 31, when spooky and sporty united for an NCC Costume Contest/Get Fit Awards Ceremony.  Our team prize for reaching the 5,000-mile goal was Pinkberry frozen yogurt (perfect for a cold fall day, right?) with several delectable toppings.  Costume Prizes were awarded, with the Hamburglar taking home the “Scariest” award, Minnie Mouse the “Cutest” title, PSY: “Gangnam Style” the “Funniest” crown, a Time Traveler recognized as “Most Creative,” and a Price is Right contestant (complete with podium) acknowledged as “Best Overall.”

We are proud to have met our goal in the Get Fit Challenge.  It would not have happened without our employees coming together and rooting each other on.  Many of NCC’s successful projects are accomplished in much the same way, with collaboration across our three areas of service.  Whether it’s a large Department of Education conference where both conference logistics and on-site transcription services are needed, or a Vietnam War 50th Anniversary event where real-time captioning and audiovisual project management is required, employees from each of NCC’s divisions of service have teamed up to deliver a better overall experience for our clients.

We look forward to utilizing our collaborative efforts to surpass our clients’ expectations for years to come – and to achieving our goal in every Get Fit Challenge in the future as well!