NCC Celebrates National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

ugly sweaters

There have been ugly sweaters since the garment was first invented.  But it wasn’t until early this century that ugly Christmas sweaters in particular have been celebrated in all their tacky and gaudy glory.  Numerous written histories pinpoint Vancouver, Canada as the birthplace of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.  Like ice hockey and Justin Bieber, the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party made its way down from the Great White North to the United States.

December 18th was National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.  At NCC, we got the celebration started a bit early, on December 16th, as several employees in our headquarters showed their holiday spirit by wearing some of the most “festive” sweaters they could find for our Ugly Sweater Contest.

The office was a collage of various shades of red, green, and blue embellished with snowflakes, Santas, reindeer, snowmen, and other classic holiday characters.  Our Director of Audiovisual and Technology Solutions beat out nearly a dozen of his colleagues as his sweater vest adorned with snowmen and snowflakes was declared the ugliest.  A feat of such holiday homeliness earned our winner a gift card from Target.

White Elephant
NCC held its Annual White Elephant gift exchange on December 16th

Along with the Ugly Sweater Contest, we held our Annual White Elephant gift exchange.  Numerous employees exchanged kitschy gifts such as a Magic 8 Ball, a marshmallow bow and arrow, a cake pop maker, and multiple Star Wars-related items to name a few.  The White Elephant entails the exchange of quirky or non-traditional gifts.  Unlike a standard holiday gift exchange, when a participant’s name is picked, he or she has the option of keeping the gift or swapping it with someone who’s already received one.

We hope all our clients, partners, friends, and family have a wonderful holiday season while snuggling up in their sweaters (whether ugly or attractive) and giving gifts (whether silly or serious).  Happy holidays from NCC!