NCC Comes Through for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Aftermath of Japan Earthquake

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission contacted NCC on Friday, March 18 at 8:30 a.m. with an urgent request for on-site captioning and transcription that same afternoon for an Agency-wide meeting to address concerns as a result of the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011. Chairman Jaczko wanted to provide NRC employees with an overview of the agency’s response to the crisis and of the efforts, post-9/11, to enhance U.S. nuclear plants’ abilities to cope with severe events, such as the loss of safety systems and power supplies. In addition, the Chairman would answer broader questions from NRC employees regarding internal policy. The meeting was to be broadcast on closed circuit television throughout the White Flint complex in Rockville, Maryland and on a bridge line established for staff working at home, on leave, or traveling.

The NCC Team had to move quickly as the meeting was being held in an auditorium in which we had not previously conducted a site inspection. We immediately secured a local captioner who could travel to NRC headquarters and dispatched one of our Transcription Editors and a Client Manager to set up and test in the new facility. Upon arrival at the meeting room, our associates identified the best way to set up our captioning and recording equipment, and after troubleshooting issues and making adjustments, successfully provided captioning for the duration of the live webcast.

Additionally, NCC was asked the same day to provide similar services for another meeting, this one on the subject of verifying the safety of US nuclear reactors, to be held the following Monday, March 21. On Monday morning, our client requested that the meeting transcript be completed ahead of the scheduled deadline of noon the next day. To accommodate the NRC’s request, NCC recorded the live audio of the webcast remotely at our headquarters so our transcribers could begin working immediately. Our on-site Transcription Editor emailed his notes with speaker identifications from NRC’s headquarters, ensuring our transcribers could further expedite the turnaround of a highly accurate transcript.