NCC Completes Audiovisual Upgrades in NIH Building 31


NCC is pleased to announce the completion of audiovisual upgrades in the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Building 31 Conference Center, under our contract with NIH Events Management.  Our Audiovisual and Technology Solutions (AVTS) team provided extensive support for five conference rooms and an adjacent control room in the AV designing of the spaces, procuring and installing a range of equipment, and finally in testing and commissioning the Center with the end users.

We installed projector screens in the three largest rooms and 80-inch flat screens in the remaining rooms, and high-definition video teleconferencing (VTC) equipment in every room.  Furthermore, we upgraded the control room with all digital technology, including a control panel that provides a central hub for operation of the AV equipment in each of the conference rooms.  Our installations and upgrades will streamline the processes around VTC meetings, video and slide presentations, and other AV operations for the numerous conferences and events that occur in the Conference Center on a daily basis.

NCC is privileged to build on our longstanding AV support of NIH, as we’ve previously completed installations for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the Director’s Conference Room, and the National Library of Medicine among others.  In addition to our enduring AV service at NIH, we have provided multimedia support for the Institute since our earliest days as a company in 2002, performing real-time captioning, and later on-site transcription of various advisory committee meetings, and webcasting of live events including the recent Bill Gates lecture.

We are happy to create a better conference experience for both in-person and remote attendees participating in meetings held in the Building 31 Conference Center.