Longstanding Transcription Support for Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose

From U.S. presidents to movie stars to acclaimed journalists to rock ‘n’ roll legends and other numerous luminaries in between, Charlie Rose has interviewed hundreds since he launched his interview show in 1991.  And since 2006, NCC has had the honor of providing verbatim transcripts for Charlie Rose.  Each day, our Charlie Rose editor from the Multimedia  team leads a group of transcribers to produce accurate transcripts for multiple interviews in a short turnaround.

NCC is responsible for coordinating with Charlie Rose’s production team to record tapings of the show, and we transmit the audio to our transcription team in real-time so they are able to get to work immediately on the transcripts.  The show’s producers use our transcripts to guide their video editing process, as they are able to quickly identify portions that may be used for the evening broadcasts.

The tapings typically occur in the early afternoons.  However, NCC is equipped to handle both last-minute and off-hours requests; for example, in July, we received a request at 4:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning to transcribe Mr. Rose’s interview with Palestinian political leader Khaled Meshaal in Qatar.

This summer has brought a myriad of prominent guests to Charlie Rose, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Press Secretary Jay Carney, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, actor Colin Firth, actress Emma Stone, and several noted journalists.

We are privileged to support a prestigious program like Charlie Rose as we have done for nearly a decade.  Our dedicated editing and transcription team is pleased to create a better experience for Charlie Rose’ production crewand the show’s viewers.