NCC Employees Enjoy 1st Annual Company Picnic

The summer’s sweltering heat wave that baked much of the U.S., including the East Coast, didn’t keep our loyal employees from having fun in the sun and enjoying NCC’s First Annual Company Picnic, held July 31st at a local Arlington County Recreational Park.

The picnic was coordinated by members of our Conference and Peer Review Division with assistance from a group of creative employees who volunteered to serve on the Picnic Committee.  The potluck theme provided an exciting opportunity for employees to assess their coworkers’ cooking talents and taste foods from all corners of the world.  Naturally, President and CEO Chris Marquez excelled as the grill master, and employees were eager to gobble up his traditional Korean barbeque short ribs and kimchi.  Louisiana-style jambalaya, several recipes for Greek salad, goat-cheese and leek tarts, Italian antipasto dishes, and the staples of American sides like homemade mac & cheese and cole slaw filled out the banquet table.

A networking game in which players collected signatures to match the descriptions on the page sparked a few laughs as employees learned interesting tidbits about their coworkers’ talents and backgrounds.

Many employees and friends worked off the sugar rushes resulting from the numerous dessert pies and cookies on the field in a professionally competitive game of kickball.

The following week our lunch room refrigerators were stocked with the leftovers so that even those who could not attend were able to enjoy the aftermath of the first of what we anticipate will be many company picnics.