NCC Holds Annual Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween Costume Winners

Casual Friday became Costume Friday on October 30th at NCC.  Most of our employees arrived at headquarters dressed up in their scariest, silliest, and most creative costumes to celebrate Halloween.

Where’s Waldo? At NCC of course!

After enjoying some pizza and other tasty treats, we cast our votes for our annual Halloween Costume Contest.  The “Scariest” costume went to a Vampire; “Funniest” was claimed by Jake the State Farm Guy; Amelia Earhart took off with the “Most Creative” award;  “Cutest” costume found its way to Lil’ Bo Peep; and we were able to spot Waldo among the crowd of costumed employees to award him “Best Overall” costume.  The winners received trophies and gift cards.

Though our days of trick-or-treating around the neighborhood may be gone, we were glad to indulge in some candy and have the opportunity to display our creative and jovial (and in some cases, frightening) sides in the office before Halloween.  Congratulations to our costume contest winners and we look forward to what Halloween 2016 has in store.