NCC Named Urban Alliance’s Jobsite of the Week

Urban Alliance

Steve Jobs, Anderson Cooper, Tom Hanks, and Jodie Foster all got their starts as interns before having enormously successful careers.  Internships have long served as wonderful channels for young people to develop their skills in a variety of industries.  NCC is proud to serve as a valuable launching point for one Arlington high school student, as we’ve partnered with Urban Alliance for its high school internship program.  Furthermore, we’re excited to announce that we were chosen by the Urban Alliance as the organization’s Jobsite of the Week for May 5th-9th and highlighted in their weekly e-newsletter.

Our intern Jesse, a student at Wakefield High School, has worked closely with a mentor at NCC since he began in October, and he’s contributed to the company in a variety of ways, including filing, mail distribution, event preparation, and other administrative tasks.

NCC President and CEO Chris Marquez said  “Jesse is absolutely fantastic and it’s really been a great experience for both us and him!  It’s great to see a kid with such motivation and a strong work ethic get exposure to a professional environment.  We were so pleased that we pledged to bring on interns from Urban Alliance for the next two years.”

NCC intern Jesse works with his mentor in a variety of areas
NCC intern Jesse works with his mentor in a variety of areas

During the school year, Jesse has been in the office four days a week working part-time, with one day spent attending life skills and job readiness workshops hosted by Urban Alliance.  At the conclusion of the school year, he’ll work at NCC full-time Monday through Thursday, and spend Fridays attending professional development workshops.  At the end of the program, he will have a plan to attend either college or a job training program, while implementing strategies to identify and sustain future employment.

Urban Alliance was founded in 1996 in Washington, D.C. and makes its programs available to students in the District, Baltimore, and Chicago.  We are proud to be one of 15 businesses in both Northern Virginia to work with interns during the time period of October 2013 to August 2014.

We were thrilled to be named Urban Alliance’s Jobsite of the Week, and we look forward to continuing a strong, long-lasting relationship with the organization.  Furthermore, we have been fortunate to have such a hardworking, dedicated intern as part of the NCC family over the last nine months.  We are privileged to have played a part in delivering a GOOD future for Jesse just as he’s created a better experience for us in his time with NCC.