NCC Participates in National Walk@Lunch, Bike to Work Day


*** Updated on May 24th ***

On Wednesday, April 24th, several NCC employees joined other Arlington organizations in the National Walk at Lunch Day event.  Our team made good time trekking approximately one mile from our headquarters to the Ballston pit stop, where we picked up free goodie bags filled with coupons, healthy snacks, and supplies like pedometers and ear buds.

Promoted by Arlington Transportation Partners, the annual Walk@Lunch event is designed to complement the busy lifestyle of many Arlington-based employees.  With health care costs continuing to rise, employers are motivated to assist employees in increasing their own physical health and fitness.  Walking is a great reminder that the road to better health is one step at a time.

On May 17th, one NCC employee took part in Bike to Work Day.  She made a detour on her way to the office in the morning, making a pit stop in Ballston where she picked up a free “Bike to Work Day” tee shirt; snacks, beverages and bike supplies were also available at the pit stop.

NCC makes a pit stop in Ballston during the Walk@Lunch
NCC makes a pit stop in Ballston during the Walk@Lunch

NCC employees share a commitment to physical fitness, as evidenced by our collective achievements in our own annual Get Fit Challenge.  Last year we were thrilled to rack up 5,000 total miles by walking, jogging, biking, swimming, and canoeing; this year we are pushing ourselves to hit 6,000 during the most active months of the year.  Improving and maintaining physical health is just one way we can ensure we’re around to deliver a good future for our customers and our community.