NCC President & CEO Chris Marquez Featured on William & Mary Website

Chris Marquez headshot

Past and present CEOs of hugely successful companies like Starbucks, Disney, HBO, Whole Foods, and YouTube hold the common distinction of earning Bachelor’s degrees in Liberal Arts rather than in business-related fields.  Add NCC President and CEO Chris Marquez to that list; he earned his BA in English from the College of William & Mary in 1994, before receiving his MBA from Indiana University.

William & Mary’s website recently featured Chris as part of its “Liberal Arts @ Work” series, which focuses on several W&M Liberal Arts graduates who have taken the skills and knowledge they obtained while students and applied them to their careers.

In the piece, Chris notes the important role his Liberal Arts education played in his business career, including helping him be a better communicator while honing his critical thinking and writing skills.  He also touches on the valuable friendships he has to this day with people he met while a student in Williamsburg.

We invite you to read more about what Chris’s Liberal Arts education has meant to him, and how it has played a part in shaping NCC’s passion for “Great People, Great Experiences, Great Results.”