NCC Provides Logistical Support for Department of Education NAEP Panel Meeting

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In January, NCC proudly provided comprehensive logistical support for the Department of Education’s National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Validity Studies Panel meeting in Washington, DC.

Members of our Conference and Peer Review Management (CPRM) team supported the meeting from pre- to post-event.  We were responsible for a variety of functions including site selection, hotel and meeting room arrangements, preparing and sending invitation letters, and arranging teleconferences and prepared meeting materials.  Following the event, we generated a complete summary of work performed and submitted it to the Department of Education. 

For the duration of the two-day meeting, a CPRM associate was on-site to provide broad support to the 15 panel members and 22 guests attending the NAEP Validity Panel meeting.  Upon the conclusion of the meeting, the CPRM team ensured that the client’s needs were fully met and the organization stayed within its budget.

The NAEP is the “largest continuing and nationally representative assessment of what American students know and can do in core subjects,” with assessments being periodically conducted in math; reading; science; writing; the arts; civics; economics; geography; U.S. history; and Technology and Engineering Literacy (TEL), which measures students’ ability to apply technology and engineering skills to real-life situations.  The NAEP Validity Studies Panel is made up of “nationally recognized psychometricians and experts in NAEP subject areas and advises NCES on the research agenda for maintaining and developing the high technical quality of NAEP assessments.”

We were pleased to support the NAEP Validity Studies Panel meeting and do our part in creating a better experience for the panel as they work to enhance assessments and measures for education in the U.S.