On-Site Transcription Support for Wounded Warrior Project

Flags and dog tags

Since the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) was founded after the events of September 11, 2001, the organization has served approximately 53,000 veterans whom incurred physical and/or mental injuries.  The WWP’s Board of Directors ensure that the organization can continually meet the ever-growing needs of the veterans it serves.  And in June, one NCC Multimedia and Production Solutions (MPS) associate had the privilege of providing on-site transcription services at the Wounded Warrior Project’s quarterly Board of Directors meeting in sunny San Diego.

During the meeting, the directors spoke about some of the current projects and campaigns underway as part of the WWP, as well as recent issues including the Iraqi Civil War and the growing concerns about the VA.  Our team of transcribers and editors received the audio of the meeting and promptly turned around an accurate verbatim transcript of record.

We are proud to support projects and events for a wide variety of military organizations.  In addition to transcription and CART service for the Wounded Warrior Project on several past occasions, we have provided real-time captioning support for two Medal of Honor ceremonies, project management and vendor coordination for the Pentagon’s Spirit of Service Ceremony, real-time captioning and AV support for the Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Memorial Service, and most recently multimedia support for the U.S. Army Birthday Ball in June.  Furthermore, we have provided financial support to Hero Dogs, Inc., one of our non-profit partners since 2012, in sponsoring two Hero Dogs (Grant and Calvin) as they trained to become service dogs for disabled veterans.

We were pleased to do our part in making communication and collaboration happen® for the Wounded Warrior Project’s Board of Directors and staff members, and we stand behind the organization as it advances its mission “to honor and empower Wounded Warriors” by supporting them with effective programs and services.