NCC Provides Verbatim Transcription for Dalai Lama Lecture at NIH

Dalai Lama

Earlier this month, NCC was pleased to provide the National Institutes of Health (NIH) with verbatim transcription support for the Annual J. Edward Rall Cultural Lecture, which featured His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Our Multimedia and Production Solutions team was previously tasked with providing real-time captioning for NIH’s live webcast of the event.

The lecture was essentially a conversation between the Dalai Lama and NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins, focusing on the link between science and the human condition.  When asked to explain the nature of human generosity, His Holiness reflected that this trait is rooted in the affection we receive as babies from our mother.  He noted, “We, everybody come from our mother.  Anyone, including those great scientists, come from the different sort of particle?  No, I don’t think.  (We) come from mother.  So, (we) all received sort of maximum affection.  Love from our mother.”

This was the second occasion in recent months in which NCC has provided multimedia services for webcasts of notable guests at NIH.  In December, we supported the Bill Gates’ lecture, “Why the Future Needs Biomedical Innovation” with webcasting and real-time captioning.  Furthermore, we have captioned and transcribed a wide range of NIH events including advisory meetings, panel discussions, and lectures.

We were privileged to provide two of our reliable Multimedia services for the Dalai Lama’s lecture, and we were happy to create a better experience for NIH employees who utilized both the captioning and transcription we provided for the event.