NCC “Puts the Giving in Thanksgiving”

Thanksgiving turkey

Earlier this month, NCC team members eagerly participated in the Arlington Food Assistance Center’s (AFAC) “Put the Giving in Thanksgiving” food drive.

NCC donated mashed potato mixes, stuffing boxes, and cans of gravy.  Our contributions provided enough food items to make up 15 complete Thanksgiving baskets, which AFAC distributed to local families during the week of November 11.

AFAC is a locally-based non-profit organization that provides supplemental groceries to over 1,600 Arlington families each week.  The organization utilizes the Choice Model , allowing families to choose from a variety of meats, breads, canned goods, and beverages rather than being handed a pre-packed grocery bag.

NCC began supporting AFAC in April, and since that time we have volunteered at the organization’s food distribution center and we have served as AFAC ambassadors for a wine tasting at the Shirlington Wine and Jazz Festival.  In October, two NCC employees attended the Chiefs vs. Chefs Live Cooking Challenge, with proceeds from the event going to AFAC.

In addition to the Thanksgiving food drive, NCC employees and members of the community are invited to contribute to AFAC’s “Gimme Some Sugar” winter food drive.  AFAC is accepting donations of two-pound bags of sugar, two-pound bags of flour, and 8- to 15-ounce bottles of cooking oil through December 15 at their distribution center at 2708 South Nelson Street in Arlington.

We wish you and your loved ones happiness as you gather around your Thanksgiving  meals on Thursday, and ask you to consider future donations or contributions to organizations like AFAC so that all local families can celebrate the holiday season.