NCC Shines in FEMA Realtime Exercise

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Since inception, NCC has consistently delivered accurate and timely service to our clients, and the week of May 16th was no different.  During this week, NCC was pleased to support the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) by providing transcripts and captions for its webcasts related to the agency’s National Level Exercise (NLE) 2011, its annual functional operations-based federal disaster drill.

From May 16 – 19, FEMA employees and other emergency response professionals engaged in a series of training exercises designed to test, validate, and strengthen our nation’s catastrophic event response strategies and recovery processes.  The four-day NLE 2011 included mock news broadcasts on “VNN” to simulate the multijurisdictional coordination required during a crisis. NCC began coordinating with SPGriffin Productions, Limelight Networks, and other companies in February 2011 to ensure our staff was prepared to support the newscasts which would stream on the VNN website for 30 minutes every hour, from 9 am until 5 pm, over the course of the exercise.

Our team was responsible for the creation and rapid turnaround of verbatim transcripts and caption files to be integrated into the archived video of each newscast, 35 total.  The NCC multimedia experts redesigned the team’s transcription and captioning processes to ensure that the caption files could be posted on the VNN website for viewers to access less than 30 minutes after the conclusion of the broadcast.

NCC’s support of NLE 2011 was a success, thanks to our team leader’s preparation in creating deliverable templates and daily work schedules, the assignment and collaboration of skilled personnel, and our ability to maintain excellent communication both with the other companies and amongst our own team of more than 12 associates in a live, realtime environment.  Thus, when the VNN hosting servers went down for a short period on Day 3 of the exercise, NCC was able to implement a short-term solution whereby the archived videos were uploaded to our own site immediately to minimize any delay in the completion of the caption files.

As a collaborative company focused on adapting our service to meet our client’s needs, NCC is proud to play a supporting role in our government’s efforts to demonstrate its capacity to coordinate effectively and perform quickly when called upon to protect the lives of its citizens.