NCC Supports NSF Global Summit

Two women sitting at a registration table

We are pleased to report NCC’s distinguished support of the National Science Foundation (NSF)’s inaugural Global Summit on Merit Review this past May.  Heads of research councils from about 50 countries, ranging from established scientific giants to emerging research meccas, attended the Summit to discuss methods of streamlining international scientific research principles in order to more efficiently research and discover the causes of worldwide scientific issues.  The Summit, which met on May 14-15 at NSF’s headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, resulted in the release of a Statement of Principles for Scientific Merit Review and also established the first Global Research Council, which will effect the further development of these plans.

NCC was called on by NSF for logistical support of the event.  Our team’s tasks included creating the event website, registration, booking hotel and transportation accommodations for guests, coordinating catering services, developing graphics for meeting materials, and providing on-site meeting support.  Four members of our Conference and Peer Review Management Team were at the meeting locations before, during, and after the event to ensure the Summit ran smoothly, and were on hand to address any concerns from our client and the conference attendees.

Global Summit on Merit Review super-imposed above image of tidal basin and Jefferson Memorial

NCC was also responsible for the logistics of the meeting rooms, which posed a challenge as the Summit was of such a magnitude that the 100 international attendees utilized all of the largest conference rooms in both NSF buildings.  Our team members deftly managed the meeting room support by coordinating with other divisions to switch previously scheduled meetings to smaller locations and handling the physical and audiovisual set-up of the rooms not only for the Summit but for the displaced meetings as well.

The Global Summit on Merit Review was held with the strong support of the U.S. State Department and the White House’s Office of Science, Technology and Policy, in recognition of the importance of facilitating international collaboration for scientific discovery.  A highlight of the Summit was a reception, dinner, and awards ceremony at the State Department Diplomatic Reception Rooms attended by conference attendees and State Department officials.

NCC has been serving the NSF since 2009, both with conference support and planning as well as transcription and captioning services in our Multimedia Solutions Division.  We are proud to consistently exceed the expectations of this mission-focused client, and the Global Summit on Merit Review was no exception.  Two of our employees on-site at NSF, Laura Liebertz and Bill Boden, were awarded certificates of appreciation for their work, and we received the following words of praise from NSF in response to their support:

“Thank you for all of your assistance with the Global Summit on Merit Review.  We have had extremely positive feedback from all of the participants — they were impressed with the organization of the entire event, and a tremendous amount of that credit is due to both of your efforts.  Thanks to both of you, [we] never had to worry about the broad range of logistical details that you were responsible for.”

We are pleased to have continued our streak of impressing our clients with our dedication and attention to detail, and look forward to further support of NSF events in the future.