NCC Teams up with AFAC for Holiday Food Drive

Holiday Food Drive

Over the course of the last decade, Arlington has grown into one of the wealthiest counties in the U.S., with new businesses and luxury condominiums continually sprouting up in neighborhoods across the county.  Through the eyes of the majority of people who live and work in Arlington, the county appears to be thriving.  However, the reality is 7 percent of residents – nearly 15,000 people – live below the federal poverty line (as of 2012), and many rely on housing assistance, free medical care, and food pantries.

Since 2012, NCC has had the honor to partner with the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC), an organization that distributes free groceries to nearly 4,300 unemployed or underemployed Arlington residents.  Now through December 16th, we are teaming up with AFAC to hold a Holiday Food Drive in our Arlington headquarters and our offsite work locations.  Our employees are donating a variety of food items including canned beans, tuna, tomatoes and soups;  low-sugar cereal; cooking oil; and more.  At the conclusion of our food drive, AFAC will collect the food to distribute to local residents in need.

NCC has participated in other AFAC food drives over the years, including the “Put the Giving in Thanksgiving” and “Gimme some Sugar” food drives, and we have volunteered our time at several AFAC events since partnering with the generous organization.

It’s not too late to hold your own AFAC Holiday Food Drive.  We would encourage you to collect food items during the holiday season in your own business, apartment building, or neighborhood.  You can learn more and register here.

We are proud to continue our strong partnership with AFAC, and we applaud its longstanding efforts to provide nutritious food to more than 2,000 Arlington families in need.