New Audiovisual Contracts with the National Science Foundation


NCC is pleased to announce two new contract awards with the National Science Foundation (NSF) for conference room audiovisual upgrades in the organization’s Arlington headquarters.

We will provide critical upgrades to the video conferencing systems in numerous rooms in NSF’s Directorate for Geosciences, including digital PC connectivity, high definition video teleconferencing (VTC), and telephone conferencing, though customized simple-to-use touchscreen controls.  The upgrades will serve to facilitate improved communications between remote and on-site participants of meetings and other important events.

We have reliably supported NSF since 2009, providing real-time captioning for staff meetings and other seminars.  In 2010 we provided multimedia support for NSF’s Joint Annual Meeting (JAM), and later were awarded contracts for on-site transcription support for the National Science Board meetings, the Advisory Committee for Geosciences (AC-GEO), and the Advisory Committee for Environmental Research and Education (AC-ERE).

Also in 2010, we were awarded a conference center support management contract with the Foundation, employing full-time team members at NSF’s headquarters to assist the organization’s Meeting and Events Management team.  Our staff currently collaborate on a daily basis with all the offices and directorates across NSF to reserve panel rooms and meeting and conference space.

NCC is proud to support NSF with all three of our divisions of service.  We have been privileged to continually create a better experience for its staff and visitors since 2009, and look forward to doing so for years to come.