New AV Installation Services Contract with the FTC

FTC Seal

NCC is pleased to announce a new audiovisual installation services contract with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), as the organization merges two of its leases into the Constitution Center in Washington, D.C.

NCC’s Audiovisual and Technology Solutions (AVTS) team is responsible for the installation of AV technology in 78 conference rooms, ranging from small meeting spaces to full conference centers, in the FTC’s new location.  We will upgrade and enhance the Commission’s existing video conferencing infrastructure, enabling the recording and live streaming of video conferences.  Additionally, the team will install new Internet Protocol television (IPTV) solutions to support streaming of custom video content across the FTC’s network.

Upon conclusion of the equipment and systems integration at FTC, NCC staff will provide comprehensive on-call maintenance and support for the Commission’s daily operations, as we have done for the Pentagon Library Center and other facilities within the Department of Defense (DoD), as well as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and numerous federal agencies.

Our AV support for the FTC builds on numerous recent installations we have performed for organizations including the SEC (headquarters and regional offices), the National Science Foundation, and NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

We are proud to help deliver a GOOD future to the FTC as it begins a new era in the Constitution Center, and we look forward to creating a better experience for meeting participants throughout the organization.