Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Support


In January, the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission (MCRMC) released its final report documenting the design and analysis of a compensation preference survey sponsored by the Commission. NCC conducted this preference-based survey of Active, Reserve, and retired Service members, using the TrueChoice® Preference Analytics Application.  This critical proprietary application assisted the Commission in collecting and analyzing preferences for both existing and alternative structures of rewards options provided to current and former members of the Armed Forces and other uniformed services and their dependents.

The TrueChoice® Preference Analytics Application goes beyond the standard survey platform and employs real-time preference analytics to measure how respondents assess compensation components including pay, retirement, health care, and quality of life.  Utilizing this flash application, MCRMC can better understand which benefits and forms of compensation are most and least valued, enabling the Commission to enhance its compensation packages.

The Preference Analysis Study is a critical component of the Commission’s mission to conduct a review of military compensation and retirement systems and to make recommendations to modernize such systems. NCC further supports the MCRMC through a program and policy analysis contract, through staff participation in Commission staff meetings, public hearings, and internal briefings; providing analysis of existing reports and studies on issues pertaining to military health care; and analyzing options for reform of health care and disability payment programs support that benefits current and former military members and their families.

In addition to our contracts with the MCRMC, for more than eight years NCC has provided a variety of support to military organizations including a wide range of technology and professional services contracts with the U.S. Army and within the Washington Headquarters Service; event support for the Congressional Medal of Honor Ceremony; and for nearly four years we have partnered with Hero Dogs, Inc., an organization which provides service dogs to disabled veterans.

We are honored to serve our United States uniformed services members and their families through our support of MCRMC.