Scheduling & AV Conference Center Support for NSF


In 2013, Louisiana State University received the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) $4-million Major Research Instrumentation Award for its SuperMIC super computer project, which was one of approximately 10,000 grants NSF awarded for the year.  The decisions to fund each of those grants were made in peer review meetings held in rooms NCC supports at NSF’s headquarters.  Since 2010, we have provided conference room scheduling support, playing a small role in advancing NSF’s mission to “promote the progress of science.”  We were awarded a contract in May 2014 with NSF’s Meeting and Events Management (MEM) that includes AV operations and virtual technology support, preventive maintenance, and also continues our longstanding, reliable conference center scheduling support.

We are providing a broad range of services for more than 27 conference rooms, including meeting scheduling and coordination, developing room inventory lists, and full support for AV and virtual technology.  For nearly four years before we were awarded this new contract, our conference center support team has worked with NSF’s MEM staff on a daily basis to coordinate conference room setup and AV technical support, provide full-scale administrative support, and ensure that meeting participants’ needs such as laptop rentals and VTC connections are met.

Our expanded contract with the MEM team builds on a history of providing dependable and diverse services to the Foundation.  In 2012, we were awarded a contract to provide verbatim transcription for meetings of the National Science Board.  And in the fall of 2013, NCC launched an AV installation contract with NSF, which featured important video conferencing upgrades in several rooms for the Directorate for Geosciences.

We are glad to provide comprehensive meeting support for NSF, covering everything from meeting schedules to VTC technology maintenance, to create a better experience for the Foundation’s staff and meeting participants.