New NCSER Conference and Logistics Contract

Conference Attendees

NCC is pleased to announce a new conference and logistics support contract with the Department of Education’s (ED) National Center for Special Education Research (NCSER).  Our Conference and Peer Review Management team will support NCSER meetings and conferences, webinars and teleconferences, and special education research leadership activities.

As part of NCC’s five-year contract with NCSER, our CPRM team will provide administrative and logistical support for numerous meetings per year.  NCC’s responsibilities include site selection, participant invitation and communication, online registration management, and arrangements for teleconferences, webinars, and webcasts.  We will also provide expertise in the writing, editing, and design of printed materials and web postings.

Our work with NCSER is already underway as we prepare to support a technical working group meeting in November; we are delighted at the opportunity to demonstrate the spectrum of our services, as a member of our Multimedia team join our on-site conference planner in order to provide recording and verbatim transcription service.

NCC is proud to welcome NCSER to our budding roster of contented clients, and we are grateful for the privilege to support this organization’s conference activities and written communications.  We stand behind NCSER’s mission of sponsoring research that increases our knowledge and understanding of children with disabilities to improve their education and development.  Just as NCC strives to deliver a GOOD future and create a better experience, NCSER does the same for the population it serves.  We look forward to the launch of a successful, long-term relationship with this esteemed organization.