New NIH Audiovisual Contracts

NCC is proud to announce new Audiovisual and Technology Solutions (AVTS) contracts with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Events Management and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).  These new projects are the continuation of our longstanding and dedicated support for NIH.

The first audiovisual upgrade project is within the Building 31 conference center, located on NIH’s main campus.  Our team will install flat screens in two conference rooms and implement touch panel control capabilities, enabling users to select the technology source displayed in the room.  We are also pleased to equip the conference rooms with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant cabling that will ensure proper safety as well as minimal visual impact.

Our company has had an intimate familiarity with Building 31 since 2002.  NCC President and CEO Chris Marquez began captioning from a small translation booth located just above one of the conference rooms where AVTS is performing the aforementioned upgrades.  We’ve continued to support Building 31 over the past decade, with on-site IT support as well as transcription services for the National Advisory Council on Aging (NACA) meetings.

The second audiovisual project is in the update of three NIAID conference rooms, where existing AV technology will be replaced with simpler, more functional equipment.  NIAID’s conference rooms will be equipped with flat screen monitors, ceiling-mounted microphones and speakers, plus wiring and connectivity built directly into the carpet — creating an attractive and highly operational setup.

NCC is pleased to enduringly support NIH with consistent high-quality service, and we are grateful for the opportunity to enhance the conference room experience for future meeting attendees and visitors to both Building 31 and NIAID.