New NSF Transcription Contract

NCC has supported the National Science Foundation (NSF) since 2009, and the relationship between our organizations has grown even stronger following the award of a new contract to provide transcription services.

Specifically, NCC will provide on-site reporting and transcription services for the spring and fall meetings of the NSF Advisory Committee for Environmental Research and Education (AC ERE) and the NSF Advisory Committee for Geosciences (AC GEO), comprehensively recording and transcribing up to 25 advisory committee members, various NSF staff, and esteemed presenters.

NCC was prepared to begin serving NSF immediately following contract award.  Two days after receiving notice from NSF that we had been selected for the project, we deployed team members to NSF headquarters and successfully supported the March 14 – March 15 AC ERE meeting.  Additional meeting dates for AC ERE and AC GEO have been confirmed for April, September, and October of this year.

As a company with proven experience recording, transcribing, and editing the proceedings of advisory committees and otherwise highly technical meetings, our Multimedia Division is eager to apply a well-developed and time-vetted expertise to the transcription effort in service to NSF.  NCC’s support will allow NSF to focus on its mission free of distraction and better serve the public.