New Offices, State-of-the-Art Systems for American Beverage Association

American Beverage Association

The American Beverage Association (ABA) began a project to build out a new office space after 40 years in its original offices.  Hosting events in the space was a key requirement for ABA, as until this time, events required renting out hotel space.  NCC worked with the ABA to design systems to support a functional, flexible space with capacity to accommodate small, in-house meetings, video teleconferences, as well as large events previously held off-site.

Our team of engineers, installers, and programmers installed state-of-the-art presentation and web conferencing technology in a variety of spaces, including offices, conference rooms, and digital signage throughout including in a breakout room and cafeteria.  In the new space, ABA is now able to hold large events in-house, and the open floor plan encourages interaction between customers and members.

NCC continues to support the ABA through maintenance and repair services, providing rapid phone response and quick issue resolution to any system issues, sending technical staff on-site for hands-on repair and support.

Enterprise communications have taken on a more complex, yet more human dimension.  At its core is the ability to communicate seamlessly – one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many – conveying audio and visual content and accompanying data regardless of location or mode.  NCC’s engineers understand the growing need for integrated audiovisual systems that are well-designed, tested, and properly installed on time and within budget. We design and implement enterprise, room, and end-user solutions, partnering with our customers to meet their unique technological and budgetary needs.