New Transcription Contract with Montgomery County Circuit Court


NCC is pleased to announce a new transcription contract with the Montgomery County Circuit Court.  Over the course of the multi-year contract, our Multimedia and Production Solutions (MPS) team will produce and deliver a large volume of verbatim transcripts of record of trials, hearings, and various other judicial proceedings.

Our team of transcribers and editors is well prepared and equipped to generate an anticipated 250,000 pages of audio transcription annually during our contract with the Circuit Court, with turnaround times ranging from 20 days to same-day delivery.  NCC will provide the Circuit Court with e-delivery of transcripts in addition to personal delivery and pickup by one of our MPS associates.

We currently provide court reporting and transcription service to organizations including the Social Security Administration, the Health Resources & Services Administration, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and we are eager to utilize that expertise to generate dependable legal transcripts of record to Montgomery County.

Montgomery County Circuit Court is a trial court of broad jurisdiction and has full common law equity powers in all civil and criminal cases.  It is the only court in Montgomery County that has the authority to conduct jury trials, and handles major civil cases in addition to serious criminal cases.

NCC looks forward to supporting the Montgomery County Circuit Court with consistently accurate transcripts of record, doing our part to create a better experience for the judges, attorneys, and other Circuit Court staff in their decision-making processes and operations.  We are excited to now include Montgomery County Circuit Court in our expanding group of respected clients, and anticipate a fulfilling mutual partnership for the duration of our contract with this longstanding institution.