NSF-funded LIGO Discovers Kilonova – Two Stars Colliding


Our clients are engaged in interesting, meaningful, and sometimes world-changing work, and here is one example.  In October, the National Science Foundation-funded Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) announced news 130 million years in the making.  Hundreds of scientists worked with LIGO to discover a “kilonova” – an explosion caused by the collision of two collapsed stars

And though the collision occurred all those millions of years ago in an extremely distant galaxy, it was not until August 17th that the signals of the kilonova could be detected from Earth.  Up until that point, there was only indirect evidence of kilonovas, but no proof that neutron stars were involved.  That changed in August, when LIGO’s sensitive detectors were rattled  for 100 seconds by the faraway crashing of the two neutron stars.  The kilonova generated a gamma-ray burst which contained aspects needed to create heavy elements like gold, platinum, and uranium; and scientists have surmised that all the gold on Earth was likely created in a kilonova.

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We congratulate NSF on this remarkable discovery, and we are privileged to support this long- respected organization in a diverse range of service areas.

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Information from the Washington Post and The Globe and Mail was used in this blog post.