Custom Event Registration Websites

As a company that offers premiere audiovisual and multimedia solutions to our clients, it’s our business to stay familiar with the newest gadgets and cutting-edge technology.  We remain committed to implementing such solutions when the business needs make it necessary, but we also recognize that while a fancy piece of equipment or program with advanced features is quite impressive, it’s not always the right solution for our clients’ needs. This is especially true when the end-user is not an expert when it comes to navigating complex systems.

So when we were asked to provide an event website with registration for one of our government client’s conferences, we had a choice between offering third-party registration software or building our own lower-cost but customizable site with a simple, clean interface.  Our associates were eager to jump on the opportunity to showcase our dedication to our clients and our flexibility when it comes to meeting their unique requests. Thus, the framework for the event website with registration was built within a month.

Since that first request over two years ago, NCC’s AV & Technology Solutions Team has partnered with our Conference and Peer Review Management Team to launch more than half a dozen individual websites for various private and public sector clients.

The Event Website can be as basic as a single registration page or can be loaded with multiple tabs to communicate the myriad conference details to all meeting participants. No two events are the same, and in keeping with our belief that “one size does NOT fit all”, no two event websites should be either. Flexibility, navigability, and affordability are three key components that make the NCC Event Website an ideal choice.

Flexibility: NCC staff members are dedicated to tailoring our services for our clients through responsive communication and accurate interpretation of individual needs. Once a vision for the Event Website is discussed between the meeting coordinator and NCC’s Conference Team, our associates get to work customizing the website to the client’s specifications. We can modify, add, or delete entry fields for each event so that each has a unique electronic form with the registration information our client needs in order to run an effective conference.  For example, dietary restrictions can help create menus and travel itineraries can be arranged based on necessary travel accommodations as indicated by the attendee. Furthermore, waitlist capabilities, automated e-mail acknowledgment, and session tracking are a few of the other registration features that benefit meeting coordinators as well as attendees. In the days leading up to a large event, meeting details can often change with short notice.

NCC’s in house web designers can respond to requests for changes to the HTML pages or form fields within minutes of receiving a phone call. As soon as the Event Website is launched, the conference team begins monitoring event logistics. Customized Microsoft Excel or PDF reports, name badges, and mailing labels can be generated in a timely manner, allowing the meeting coordinator and our conference team to efficiently track registration and improve overall meeting effectiveness.

Navigability: From a basic welcome page with a customized header to a layered website with tabbed links to organize information, we make certain viewers can easily find what they’re seeking.  All features of NCC’s Event Website are fully customizable and we never compromise on navigability.  Agendas, directions, attendee lists, presentations, speaker lists, travel and hotel information, and other meeting materials are clearly labeled so they can be downloaded by participants. Every page is designed with an eye-appealing aesthetic and built to be user-friendly.

Affordability: Lastly, NCC offers our Event Website at competitive, low rates based solely on the complexity of the final site.  Furthermore, while the majority of registration websites charge a per registrant fee, which can quickly multiple the cost of a meeting, NCC does not. We understand the need for our government clients to choose cost-effective options and are pleased to provide this affordable alternative.

NCC staff members remain committed to providing the best service and value to our clients.  To that end, we’re ready to create our own solution when one does not exist or does not fit within the budget.  Our team looks forward to building Event Websites for meetings of all sizes and types for our current and future clients.