Science of Behavior Change Meeting – NIH

2009 –

The NIH recognizes there are daunting scientific challenges and the need for foundational work before more definitive work on the science of behavior change can be pursued. A planning meeting to prepare for a trans-NIH conference on the science of behavior change (SOBC) was proposed to ensure that larger Roadmap activities are productive and generate transformative research that meets the goals of the Roadmap development effort.

NCC was responsible for the development of the SOBC Planning Meeting Agenda in conjunction with over 15 NIH IC representatives. Additionally, NCC liaised with hotel staff regarding guest room accommodations, meeting rooms and facilities, and refreshments. We coordinated with 11 invited experts regarding travel arrangements and reimbursements and selecting local restaurants and menus for working lunch and dinner sites. In preparation for the meeting, NCC coordinated with an independent audiovisual vendor to set up microphones and sound systems in the meeting rooms. After the meeting, NCC developed a robust meeting summary to capture recommendations for larger trans-NIH conference in June 2009 and was subsequently awarded a contract to provide logistics and executive secretariat support for the June SOBC meeting, which brought together over 150 invited experts and NIH scientists for a two-day meeting on the science’s next steps.