In early 2009, NCC was asked to provide CART services for a student group at a local university that needed to maintain a high quality of service at the lowest cost possible, and on a compressed timeline. To meet this challenge, NCC proposed a remote CART solution as opposed to traditional CART, for which a stenographer is brought on site. While the project was executed successfully and resulted in dramatic savings for the client, the request served as a catalyst for our company to invest in building a more sophisticated long-term solution. The old remote option required the installation of inelegant, third-party software onto the clients’ computers, and so our focus was to create a streamlined, browser-based method of providing CART, which became LiveWriteTM.

Within a few months, our talented AV & Technology Solutions staff had brought LiveWriteTM from concept to final product. Operable within any web browser, the application offers an intuitive and simple way to provide CART services at any venue with a telephone line and internet connection.

As an NCC CART writer listens to live audio (delivered via a standard telephone connection), she enters the corresponding text into the LiveWriteTM caption interface. An event-specific URL (provided to organizations and users prior to an event) displays the words on the viewer side, within seconds of entry by the captioner. End users are able to adjust text size, text color, and background color per their preference. Transcripts are automatically generated as the event proceeds, and can be emailed to clients immediately after completion.

LiveWriteTM has also been used to meet Section 508 requirements for live online broadcasts. An organization can post the LiveWriteTM URL on the event broadcast page, and users who require captioning can view LiveWriteTM in a separate browser window as they watch the proceedings. The transcript can then be timecoded and submitted for use with the archived video.

The convenience and ease of utilizing a web browser for CART or captioning, as opposed to a separate hardware or software solution, makes LiveWriteTM an excellent choice for making any event accessible. This impressive technology, available only from NCC, demonstrates our company’s commitment to excellence through innovation.