Multimedia Services – NIH


National Institutes of Health - 2002-present -The National Institutes of Health (NIH) required assistance providing media communications services for its agencies and councils.  NIH media events contain specific scientific and technical language that requires a high level of specialized skill to reproduce. NIH needed a firm that could provide a high level of accuracy to meet its Section 508 requirements at a reasonable price.  NIH also required administrative support for scheduling captioners who could cover up to 30 total ... read more »

Multimedia and AV Integration Services – JFHQ


U.S. Department of Defense Joint Forces Headquarters Command (JFHQ) - 2007 -The U.S. Department of Defense Joint Forces Headquarters Command (JFHQ) was interested in designing and building a multi-purpose conference room suite that could be operated from within the room or aided by an operator located in an adjacent control room. The audiovisual and integration project was defined by several design challenges, including a low ceiling height (8’3”) and a particularly deep conference room (approximately 60’). Customized front projection ... read more »

Annual Meeting Coordination – NSF OISE


National Science Foundation, Office of International Science and Engineering - 2011 -The National Science Foundation’s (NSF’s) Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE) program needed assistance with logistics support for the PIRE Principal Investigators Meeting.  This is an annual meeting of the 50 grantees of awarded projects.  The meeting is designed to allow the grantees to share strategies and learn from each other as well as strengthen international research and education collaboration.  The meeting was comprised of Principal Investigators, ... read more »

Industry Day Conference – NIH

Industry Day Conference

On September 30, 2009, the National Institutes of Health awarded NCC a contract to provide Conference and Event Planning services for their first ever Industry Day conference for small businesses.  The purpose of the event was to encourage relationships between various NIH Institutes and Centers and small businesses from around the United States.Throughout the course of planning the 2010 Industry Day conference, NCC’s Conference Planners constantly adjusted to NIH’s evolving requests.  While the conference was initially planned for March 2010, ... read more »

Realtime Transcription Services – Charlie Rose


Charlie Rose (PBS Show) - 2006-present - Charlie Rose required verbatim transcripts of daily interviews within 30 minutes of the interview's end. The editors and producers of the show needed a transcript that made it easy to not only distinguish between Charlie Rose and the interviewees but also to quickly and accurately identify portions of the dialogue that needed to be edited. Segments often aired on PBS within 3 hours after completion of taping. The show's previous transcription provider ... read more »

Multimedia and AV Integration Services – DoD


U.S. Department of Defense, Washington Headquarters Service (WHS) - 2008 -The WHS required the services of a multimedia integration company to upgrade 16 conference rooms in the Pentagon Library Center by furnishing the necessary labor, materials, equipment, business approach and strategy to support the multimedia design, implementation and support project. Additional support needs included hardware and software purchase, installation, configuration and testing, integration support services, programming services, documentation, and acceptance testing. Project management included interfacing with other stakeholder and ... read more »

Science of Behavior Change Meeting – NIH


2009 -The NIH recognizes there are daunting scientific challenges and the need for foundational work before more definitive work on the science of behavior change can be pursued. A planning meeting to prepare for a trans-NIH conference on the science of behavior change (SOBC) was proposed to ensure that larger Roadmap activities are productive and generate transformative research that meets the goals of the Roadmap development effort.NCC was responsible for the development of the SOBC Planning Meeting Agenda ... read more »