Realtime Stadium Captioning – St. Louis Rams

Voice to text equipment

St. Louis Rams

– 2009-present –

The St. Louis Rams (National Football League professional team) required realtime captioning services for the team’s home games in the Edward Jones Dome. The organization needed live captions of the games’ coverage to stream on specialized Daktronics LED boards set up around the interior of the stadium. It is most cost-effective to provide the realtime text remotely, but all realtime captioning at other stadiums around the country had only been done with an on-site captioner. NCC was asked to provide the necessary recommendations and technical expertise to assist the Ram’s and stadium’s staff with the set up for remote captioning prior to the football season’s commencement.

NCC provided assistance in setting up a global IP address within the preexisting system and oversaw the installation of new equipment via telephone and e-mail. We set up multiple quality assurance tests of the new captioning system and created detailed, extensive captioning “dictionaries” for use by the captioner. Lastly, NCC arranged frequent training exercises, including having team rosters and other football-specific terms read aloud by the team’s announcers at a fast pace so that the captioner was accustomed to the announcers’ speech patterns.

Our company successfully reduced the hourly rate for captioning by one-third by setting up the first reliable, single-captioner, remote-captioning system in a major sports arena. A successful connection was made on August 19, two days before the first home game of the season, and NCC completed successful captioning of the August 21 game with our usual standards of speed and accuracy.