Database Software Support – NIH

National Institutes of Health, Division of Medical Arts

– 2006-present –

The NIH Division of Medical Arts (DMA) IT support services is an ongoing requirement supporting the DMA business management system called ScheduALL (SA). DMA required the services of IT resources to enhance the SA resource tracking and business management software system, revamp areas in need of improvement, and fulfill future requirements. NCC was awarded a 9-month initial contract to provide these services. Based upon superior performance, NCC was awarded an 8(a) sole source three-year contract.

NCC participated in the SA federally mandated Security Certification and Accreditation review and all other IT-required processes. Our team was also responsible for enhancing SA reports creation and customization, constructing a relational diagram of the SA database, and assisting with SA upgrades. NCC’s IT experts configured the SA eClient (.net) module, designed replacement database for MAB Log (MS Access tracking system for ORS/Office of Management Analysis and Review), and contributed to system and end-user documentation as it relates to SDLC guidelines. In addition, NCC staff analyzed NIH Business Systems (NBH) and determined impacts on SA

NCC’s work resulted in the successful launch of implementation on-time and within budget as well as the identification of new objectives emerged for enhancements, areas in need of improvement, and future requirements. End-users reported improved overall satisfaction and customer experience with SA due to successful integration of multiple business units into one unified scheduling and billing system. NCC’s success ensured its continued support of DMA IT requirements for a minimum period of 3 years.