Webcasting Services – DOE

Department of Energy

– 2009 –

The Department of Energy (DOE) had previously worked with NCC on other closed captioning events and contacted us for webcasting capabilities, which in turn led us to contact our long time partner, Accordent, who provided hardware for the webcast. DOE required a 4-hour live webstream to reach 500 individuals in many buildings across the U.S. During the presentation, slides needed to be delivered via webcast in addition to links to downloadable materials. DOE also requested onsite support during the webcast and needed the webcast archived for one year.

NCC determined Accordent was the best possible solution due to its platform’s ease of use and distinguishing features that were not available with other vendors. Two other companies, Powerstream and Diversified Technologies, provided additional support during the event. By working with these three companies, NCC acquired the hardware needed for the webcast, streaming servers to deliver the content to viewers, and the access to the fiber lines at DOE necessary to reach an outside audience. All internal work for this webcasting session was performed by one of NCC’s AV & Technology Solutions Senior Associates. One hundred percent of the work was performed onsite at the DOE.

NCC arrived at the event 3 hours prior to the beginning of the webcast to set up equipment, test connections, and perform an event rehearsal. An Accordent Capture Station was connected to the DOE’s cameras to encode the data and deliver the broadcast. Through our strategic partners we were able to access the Crawford fiber lines at the DOE and therefore reach the servers capable of delivering the live content. NCC’s Senior Associate oversaw the functionality of the Capture Station, organized slides, and coordinated with the event organizers to ensure accurate timing. Several lecturers spoke, the webcast was completed flawlessly, and NCC archived each of the lectures individually on our servers for future on-demand access.